Sofa Removals in London

If you need to move your Sofa from one location in London to another, then the best way to do it will be to hire our Sofa removal london team.

Moving a Sofa out of your living room is hard enough let alone getting it through your corridors and then up or down the stairs. It needs to be handled carefully yet firmly by at least 2 strong removal specialists wiggling and easing it out.

In some circumstances, the only way to remove your Sofa will be to get it through your windows. This is a very specialist job and requires rope and setting up wooden planks to ease the sofa down to ground floor.

Once your sofa has been removed out of your premises, transporting your sofa must be in a van which is large enough. For this you need at least a hightop long wheelbase van and preferably a Luton Box Van which is what we use to ensure your Sofa is transported safely and securely without damage.

Once the Sofa arrives at its destination it will again require 2 strong removal specialists to navigate the doors, staircases and tight corners to place it into your new living room.

Our removal specialists have moved many sofas over the years and our experience will ensure the that your Sofa is moved carefully and safely.

We apply the hourly rate of £45ph for all sofa moves so you pay only for the time taken to move your Sofa(s). So if it takes 1 hour you pay only £45. If it takes upto 2 hours then you simply for the additional hour, and so on. All our Sofa moves are tackled by 2 strong removal specialists and a Luton Van.

Let us take the hassle and stress of moving your Sofa by calling us on 07504356159 or emailing on

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